Welcome to our Greyhound Get-Together Social Group...

Greyhound Get-togethers aims to promote and educate the public on these beautiful and gentle hounds and we encourage families to include them in their lives. We exist to give friendship, information and advice to owners of these Greyhounds on such matters as health and welfare, nutritional suggestions and support in times of need.

The GGTSA group was established in April 2008.

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A warm welcome to these 15 New Members in 2017...

Teddy Julie Penny Khaleesi Eddie, Elli, Ennis, Ethan, Gina, Jacki, Natalya, Rosie, Sophie, Sophie and Stella

to the following members in November & December 2017...
Sergio (11 years) Molly (10 years) Caddie (9 years) Lucy (5 years)

Come join up and join us for this years 2017 social walks....

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November 19th The Gums Walk & Christmas Party Location: Gums Recreation Park, Shakespeare Avenue, Tranmere SA 5073. Includes BBQ and Raffle so bring some coins along for your tickets! Meet 9.45am for 10.00am start.
Christmas 2015West Beach 2009

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If you would like to become a new member or would like to find out more about the group then please contact Jacquie on

For becoming a member, at only $25 per year, you will receive:
  • A Calendar filled with our beautiful member's hounds
  • Regular social walks, BBQs and picnics at different locations throughout Adelaide
  • A members Newsletter containing greyt news, views and other useful articles
  • This website that contains pictures of your hounds in the members section, future and past social events, hound recipes, holiday ideas, greyhound myths and facts and more...
  • Local group support and the chance to network with over 80+ other members and their canine friends

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    Our Aim

  • To provide safe and social meetings for our hounds.
  • To provide friendship and support to hound families.
  • To provide mentorship to new families regarding some of the Greyhound traits and behaviours that are unique to this beautiful breed.
  • By becoming a member and paying a small annual donation, you will help with the ongoing costs of the group. You will be entitled to a calendar featuring many of our hounds together with newsletters and updates on walks and outings planned.
  • Jacquie and the Gang xxx