What to do in an Emergency & Dog Health Information

This page is dedicated to the health and well being of our hounds

The contents of this page include:
Emergency Vet phone numbers and addresses in AdelaideFirst Aid
Princess Pretzel Initiative
Liver Disease
Causes of Liver Disease
Fatal effects of Dogs eating Raisins

Emergency Vet phone numbers and addresses in Adelaide

Download this document for a list of contact details of Vets that are open 24/7 should you ever need this
  • PPI Emergency Vets

  • Princess Pretzel Initiative

    This document is for you to fill out and have by your phone in case of emergency. There is absolutely no time to think when the unimaginable happens. Phone your local vet and see if they have an after hours service or can they suggest who to go to. As there is no animal ambulance in Adelaide we would like to be able to co-ordinate members to help each other in times of dire emergency. Please let Jacquie know if you are interested in being on the register so that everyone has at least one person who lives close by that can help. This one is called the Princess Pretzel Initiative as it was Pretzie who showed Jacquie and Neil that there is need of extra support at times like these.
  • Princess Pretzel Initiative GGTSA

  • Liver Disease.

    The more common signs of liver disease in mature dogs and cats include:
    1. Lack of appetite and weight loss
    2. Depression (lack of energy or interest in usual routines)
    3. Jaundice (yellowing of the gums, whites of eyes and even the skin)
    4. Increased thirst
    5. Dark colored urine
    6. Other signs of illness associated with liver disease can include ascites (fluid build up in the abdomen), pale gums and associated bleeding tendencies. The pet's abdomen may be enlarged as a result of the fluid accumulation and enlargement of the liver. This sometimes leads owners to think their pet is obese or has gained weight.
    These signs may appear very quickly or develop slowly. Other diseases may cause similar signs so it is important to take your pet to the veterinarian for examination.

    Causes of Liver Disease

    There are many possible causes of liver disease. Often a specific diagnosis cannot be made. Some causes include:
    1. Viral and bacterial infections
    2. Poisonous substances eaten by the pet
    3. Altered blood flow to the liver as a result of heart disease or a congenital abnormality
    4. Some breeds such as Bedlingtons and West Highland White Terriers do not excrete copper as they should

    Fatal effects of Dogs eating Raisins

    Download this document to read about one sad and fatal story of a dog who ate raisins.
  • A story of why raisins could be fatal if consumed by dogs