Greyt Ideas

For Greyhounds and their friends

We have been asked many questions about Greyhounds and their needs. Here are some of the questions and answers:

Where can my Grey and me go on holiday together?

Go to this link for dog-friendly holiday ideas sent in from our members Dog Holidays

My Greyhound coughs after drinking water. Is this normal?

Make sure that your Grey's bowl is elevated both for food and water as they have long necks and need their bowls to be with in easy reach. They will cough and splutter after drinking or bolting down their dinner and it seems to be quite normal. If they are coughing for no reason then check with your vet.

My Greyhound will not drink when we are out.

They quite often won't. Scott and Kylie found that Harry won't drink but will lick at an ice block of water. A sports bottle with a squirt top also works well. Icecream is also a huge favourite with Jacquie and Neil's three.

Can Greyhounds be good guard dogs?

In a word, no. They are too placid and gentle.

My Greyhound suddenly spins around in circles and just won't stop. Is this normal?

This is a great game, but can be a bit of a shock when you see it for the first time. It is just their way of burning off energy and having a game with you.

What will I need for my Greyhound?

Because of their boney frame, especially when they first retire they need a soft bed. A doona folded into four makes a good bed. You may also want to put a foam mat under the doona. Greys have never had toys, they love soft fluffy squeaky toys. They quite often don't know what to do with a ball, but can be shown how the game works.
They will need a warm coat for winter. They have very little body fat and a very fine coat. They feel the cold and heat and need warmth in Winter and cool in summer. If you are working during the day a warm kennel for them to snuggle down in is a must and in summer either a paddling pool or a couple of buckets of water so they can cool down.

My Greyhound won't sit.

It is extremely difficult for a Grey to sit. They have an extra set of ribs which make it either uncomfortable or painful to sit. Some of them can sit, for example Kofi but it is unusual

Can I take my Grey to obedience training?

It is a good idea to take your new Grey to training, but wait until they are settled and used to you and their new home. Let the trainer know you have a Greyhound so that they make allowances for not sitting. They can then plan to have your Grey stand and stay etc. They can also really enjoy agility and it builds a great trust between you and your new best friend.
If you have any other greyt ideas or have any questions regarding the above or other greyhound questions then please email Jacquie and Karen at