Become a Member

To become a new member there is an annual donation (covers July to June membership) to the group of $25 (reduced if you joined between Jan and April) consisting of:

  • $17.50 - Calendar of the group's hounds
  • $7.50 - On-going costs
  • For becoming a member you will receive:

  • A Calendar of our hounds (if you become a member before September - then its subject to availability)
  • Regular social walks, occassional BBQs & raffles and picnics at different locations throughout Adelaide
  • A members Newsletter containing greyt news, views and other useful articles
  • A website that contains pictures of your hounds in the members section, future and past social events, hound recipes, holiday ideas, greyhound myths and facts and more...
  • Local group support and the chance to network with over 70+ other members and their canine freinds
  • If you want to find out more about the group then please contact Jacquie on

    Alternatively if you are interested then you could complete the application form by clicking on this button

    Mew Member Form