Meet the Members
Alfie Name: Alfie

Date of Birth: 24th May 2011

Star Sign: Gemini

Loves: I love my food (I have my dinner at lunchtime now), my morning walks, having a snooze in the sun and cooling off in my pool. I'm a soaker not a splasher. I also like stealing interesting things like pumpkins and knives (I only did that once!), and raiding the recycling basket for something interesting to chew. I love cuddles and poking mum to keep stroking me.

Dislikes: Not too many really, but I don't like mum ignoring me when she has visitors. I usually find something naughty to chew to show my displeasure. I hate getting out of the car after a drive - I stay there til I am good and ready and have the energy to get up and out. I don't get why some dogs bark at me - I take it personally.
Allen Name: Allen

Becky Family: Becky & Banjo

Name: Becky

Date of Birth: 20th OCTOBER 2007

Star Sign: Libra

Loves: I have a favourite toy - a woolly ram (which Banjo likes to take just to annoy me). I also like sleeping on the couch, eating dried goatís tendons (and any treat of Banjoís that heís hidden for later) and being fussed over.

Dislikes: I dislike my heartworm tablet (unless itís coated in peanut butter) and sharing the couch with Banjo.

Banjo Name: Banjo

Date of Birth: 25th MAY 2007

Star Sign: Gemini

Loves: I adore cuddles, sleeping on Mum's bed & food (with a few exceptions - mushrooms & oranges).

Dislikes: I inhale at mealtimes. I hate any loud noises, thunderstorms & cats. I am not too fond of the doves that visit our backyard and so I occasionally bark at them ñ LOUDLY.

Bo Family: Bo & Roy

Name: Bo

Roy Name: Roy

Loves: I love all people (2 or 4 legged variety). I want to know what's going on at all times and to be a part of it, I loves kisses and hugs, and I have the most adorable eyes. I can be a little mischievous, but I am intelligent and a fast learner. I love squeaky toys, much to the amazement of Bo, and I love to run and play chasie at the track with Bo, in fact I like to be close to Bo at all times, and Bo being the gentlemen he is shows me the way. And did I say I was handsome?

Bruno Name: Bruno

Date of Birth: 12th SEPTEMBER 2014

Star Sign: Virgo

Loves: The company of my family, working, walking, eating (anything at all and I quite enjoy grass) and sleeping

Dislikes: Being alone and noises in the night.

Bully Name: Bully

Former Racing Name: Bullswool

Date of Birth: 17th NOVEMBER 2006

Star Sign: Scorpio

Intro: Hi my name is Bully. I have joined the Hommema household. I am a well mannered gentleman who loves his new family. I am a great guard dog who always lets the family know when we have visitors.

Loves: Cuddles with my family and I previously loved my walks but now I am a senior citizen I prefer to have lazy days laying around

Dislikes: Vacuum and any loud noises.

Caddie Family: Caddie, Finn & Lisa

Name: Caddie

Breed: Whippet

Date of Birth: 17th DECEMBER 2008

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Loves: I love FOOD in any shape or form, running on the school oval and cuddling up to Mum on the couch.

Dislikes: Being told off and having to wait for my biscuit at supper time.

Naughtiest Deed:

I have been known to have chewed pencils, pens and an expensive electronic crossword puzzle solver. If these items were left on the tables inside and outside. Steve sits there to do his crossword every day. These acts of mischief were done when I was left alone for a while and my parents can only assume that I didn’t like being left behind. They have learnt to push in all chairs and put these interesting items away after use. Admittedly this happened in the early days of my coming and I haven’t been caught on the tables for quite a while. I think maybe the growling voice and tap on the nose had something to do with it.

Name: Finn and Lisa
Family: Chloe, Adam & Stella

Chloe Name: Chloe

Adam Name: Adam

Stella Name: Stella

Cinders Name: Cinders

Colin Name: Colin

Date of Birth: 2010

Dan Name: Dan

Eddie Name: Eddie

Former Racing Name: Skipping Nightmare Monsoon

Date of Birth: 17th October 2012

Star Sign: Libra

Eddy Name: Eddy

Former Racing Name: Eddy Monsoon

Date of Birth: 17th March 2011

Star Sign: Pisces

Elli Name: Elli

Ethan Name: Ethan

Gina Name: Gina

Former Racing Name: Ashdene Lass

Date of Birth: AUGUST 2014

Star Sign: Leo

Aimee Family: Aimee & Nicki

Name: Aimee

Loves: Hello, my name is Aimee and I am 5 1/2 years old. Being a pet is very different from being a working girl. My favorite things are walks, treats and my dinner. I'm even starting to like cuddles and toys. Mummy is taking me to finishing school so I can be a lady and not need to run everywhere... I really like going out in the car, anywhere... 

Nicki Name: Nicki

Date of Birth: 24th FEBRUARY 2009

Star Sign: Pisces

Intro: Hi my name is Nicki and I have just joined the Royal Household. I am only two years old and 21kgs, but what I lack in size I make up for in personality. Mum calls me her little firecracker.

Loves: I love my new bed, my fluffly bee and my bedtime donkey. I really love food of any description, going for walks and running on the straight track. We have lots of toys up here and I am kept quite busy taking them from one place to another.

Hector Name: Hector

Izzy Family: Izzy & Kerley

Name: Izzy

Former Racing Name: Aston Buzz

Date of Birth: 06/02/2011

Star Sign: Aquarius

Kerley Name: Kerley

Former Racing Name: Calendar Girl

Date of Birth: 24/7/2014

Star Sign: Leo

Jack & Oola Family: Jack & Oola

Name: Jack (right)

Name: Oola (left)

Kasumi Name: Kasumi

Kim Name: Kim

Lucy Name: Lucy

Date of Birth: NOVEMBER 2012

Star Sign: Scorpio

Maisy Name: Maisy

Former Racing Name: Maisy Grey

Date of Birth: 5th March 2011

Star Sign: Pisces

Loves: Doing 'zoomies 'around the back yard, lying on the grass in the sun, squeaky toys and hoomans

Dislikes: not allowed to sleep upstairs with my mum and Porsha (cat), noisy kids, rain and flies (they scare me lol).
Myst Name: Myst

Date of Birth: 3rd FEBRUARY 2013

Star Sign: Aquarius

Mary Name: Mary

Date of Birth: 24 August 2011

Star Sign: Virgo

Racing Name: Daenerys

Loves: I'm enjoying life in my new home where I am treated like a princess (as I should be) and also love to play with my toys, meeting people and other greyts.

Milly Name: Milly

Date of Birth: 28th JULY 2005

Star Sign: Leo

Molly Name: Molly

Date of Birth: NOVEMBER 2007

Star Sign: Scorpio

Mr Wickham Name: Mr Wickham

Date of Birth: 18th August 2013

Star Sign: Leo

Ollie Name: Ollie

Loves: Everyone! Very social boy, loves cuddles, wearing pyjamas, chicken, pooping in long grass, dinosaur toys, hoarding, sleeping and leaning.

Dislikes: Archenemy of the fly, not a morning hound or a fan of long walks

Pearl and Tyger Family: Pearle and Tyger

Name: Pearle (White)

Date of Birth: 17th MAY 2011

Star Sign: Taurus

Name: Tyger (Brindle)

Date of Birth: 27th MAY 2013

Star Sign: Gemini

Peggy Name: Peggy

Date of Birth: JULY 2014

Star Sign: Cancer

Reggie Name: Reggie

Rosie Name: Rosie

Sergio Name: Sergio

Read my blog: Click here to open my blog

Date of Birth: 19th DECEMBER 2006

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Loves: I like walks, eating bones, spinning crazily in the lounge room, car rides and sleeping upside down.

Dislikes: I Dislike hot days and cold days, sleeping in and big groups of people or dogs (although going to greyhound get togethers and dog school is helping with this!)

Naughtiest Deed: Was one Wednesday night when my parents came home from work to find one of their couch cushions torn apart and their lounge covered in feathers. To add to their clean up efforts, I kindly peed all over the feathers too.

Sheeba Name: Sheeba

Solly Name: Solly

Former Racing Name: Surf Report

Date of Birth: 16th MARCH 2011

Star Sign: Pisces

Sophie Name: Sophie

Sophy Name: Sophy

Racing Name: Gnarly Azz

Date of Birth: OCTOBER 2010

Star Sign: Libra

Stella Name: Stella

Sunny Name: Sunny

Teddy Name: Teddy

Racing Name: Mombasa Boy

Date of Birth: 24th January 2012

Star Sign: Aquarius

Thelma Name: Thelma

Willow Name: Willow

Date of Birth: 7th DECEMBER 2013

Star Sign: Sagittarius

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