Meet the Members
Alfie Name: Alfie

Date of Birth: 24th May 2011

Star Sign: Gemini

Loves: I love my food (I have my dinner at lunchtime now), my morning walks, having a snooze in the sun and cooling off in my pool. I'm a soaker not a splasher. I also like stealing interesting things like pumpkins and knives (I only did that once!), and raiding the recycling basket for something interesting to chew. I love cuddles and poking mum to keep stroking me.

Dislikes: Not too many really, but I don't like mum ignoring me when she has visitors. I usually find something naughty to chew to show my displeasure. I hate getting out of the car after a drive - I stay there til I am good and ready and have the energy to get up and out. I don't get why some dogs bark at me - I take it personally.
Amy and Lucy Family: Amy & Lucy

Name: Amy (in blue)

Racing name: Megga Witch

Date of Birth: 28th December 2012

Star Sign: Capricorn

Loves: I am new to this household. I LOVE my food, squeaky toys and cuddles. I will chase just about anything, but especially enjoy taking Lucy's toys.

Name: Lucy (in green)

Date of Birth: 31st August 2012

Star Sign: Virgo

Loves: I am a sensitive soul and love cuddles. I also enjoy chasing my ball.

Dislikes: I don't like walking in the rain or on a wet lawn.
Asha Name: Asha

Audrey Name: Audrey

Date of Birth: 10th SEPTEMBER 2013

Star Sign: Virgo

Bart Name: Bart

Becky Family: Becky & Banjo

Name: Becky

Date of Birth: 20th OCTOBER 2007

Star Sign: Libra

Loves: I have a favourite toy - a woolly ram (which Banjo likes to take just to annoy me). I also like sleeping on the couch, eating dried goat’s tendons (and any treat of Banjo’s that he’s hidden for later) and being fussed over.

Dislikes: I dislike my heartworm tablet (unless it’s coated in peanut butter) and sharing the couch with Banjo.

Banjo Name: Banjo

Date of Birth: 25th MAY 2007

Star Sign: Gemini

Loves: I adore cuddles, sleeping on Mum's bed & food (with a few exceptions - mushrooms & oranges).

Dislikes: I inhale at mealtimes. I hate any loud noises, thunderstorms & cats. I am not too fond of the doves that visit our backyard and so I occasionally bark at them – LOUDLY.

Big Name: Big

Bill Name: Bill

Date of Birth: 15th DECEMBER 2008

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Binky Name: Binky

Bo Family: Bo & Roy

Name: Bo

Roy Name: Roy

Loves: I love all people (2 or 4 legged variety). I want to know what's going on at all times and to be a part of it, I loves kisses and hugs, and I have the most adorable eyes. I can be a little mischievous, but I am intelligent and a fast learner. I love squeaky toys, much to the amazement of Bo, and I love to run and play chasie at the track with Bo, in fact I like to be close to Bo at all times, and Bo being the gentlemen he is shows me the way. And did I say I was handsome?

Bruno Name: Bruno

Date of Birth: 12th SEPTEMBER 2014

Star Sign: Virgo

Loves: The company of my family, working, walking, eating (anything at all and I quite enjoy grass) and sleeping

Dislikes: Being alone and noises in the night.

Bully Name: Bully

Former Racing Name: Bullswool

Date of Birth: 17th NOVEMBER 2006

Star Sign: Scorpio

Intro: Hi my name is Bully. I have joined the Hommema household. I am a well mannered gentleman who loves his new family. I am a great guard dog who always lets the family know when we have visitors.

Loves: I love my new home; I know when I have it good..... A great inside bed, a kennel outside both with lots of blankets, my morning sardines and my lovely warm coat. I absolutely love going for walks and I am well behaved on the lead! The kids at the local school just love me.

Dislikes: I dislike the cold especially if I do not have my lovely warm coat on. I also get quite upset if I miss my walk and will sulk until someone takes pity on me.

Bunter Name: Bunter

Former Racing Name: Bushman's Vino

Date of Birth: 9th OCTOBER 2004

Star Sign: Libra

Loves: I have a pretty cool life here at "Martin's Country Retreat", going to the monthly walks, catching up and having afternoon tea with the Royal Hounds, rides in the car to the beach and generally just lazing around!

Dislikes: Unfortunately toys aren't my thing.

Buddy Family: Caddie, Finn & Lisa

Name: Caddie

Breed: Whippet

Date of Birth: 17th DECEMBER 2008

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Loves: I love FOOD in any shape or form, running on the school oval and cuddling up to Mum on the couch.

Dislikes: Being told off and having to wait for my biscuit at supper time.

Naughtiest Deed:

I have been known to have chewed pencils, pens and an expensive electronic crossword puzzle solver. If these items were left on the tables inside and outside. Steve sits there to do his crossword every day. These acts of mischief were done when I was left alone for a while and my parents can only assume that I didnŐt like being left behind. They have learnt to push in all chairs and put these interesting items away after use. Admittedly this happened in the early days of my coming and I havenŐt been caught on the tables for quite a while. I think maybe the growling voice and tap on the nose had something to do with it.

Finn Name: Finn

Lisa Name: Lisa

Candy Family: Candy, Heath & Nicki

Name: Candy

Date of Birth: 23rd JULY 2005

Star Sign: Leo

Loves: My favourite things so far are my new bed, my toy Elephant and all the new yummy food that is here. I love to get kisses on the nose and lots of cuddles. I have only just come out of the kennels so a lot of things are very new, but I am learning very quickly.

Heath Name: Heath

Former Racing Name: African Ice

Date of Birth: 28th APRIL 2010

Star Sign: Taurus

Loves: His new bed, Nicki's bed and cuddles with Mummy.

Dislikes: Loud noises, Mum going to work

Nicki Name: Nicki

Date of Birth: 24th FEBRUARY 2009

Star Sign: Pisces

Intro: Hi my name is Nicki and I have just joined the Royal Household. I am only two years old and 21kgs, but what I lack in size I make up for in personality. Mum calls me her little firecracker. My big brother Jaydyn and big sister Candy and I have lots of fun.

Loves: I love my new bed, my fluffly bee and my bedtime donkey. I really love food of any description, going for walks and running on the straight track. We have lots of toys up here and I am kept quite busy taking them from one place to another.

Cara Family: Cara & Sophie

Name: Cara

Date of Birth: NOVEMBER 2004

Star Sign: Scorpio

Sophie Name: Sophie

Date of Birth: AUGUST 2012

Star Sign: Scorpio

Cassie Family: Cassie & Charlie

Name: Cassie

Charlie Name: Charlie

Chelsea Family: Chelsea & Kenzi

Name: Chelsea

Kenzi Name: Kenzi

Chips Family: Chips & Harvey

Name: Chips

Harvey Name: Harvey

Cinders & Larry Family: Cinders & Larry

Name: Cinders

Loves: I love my pink rabbit and I carry it everywhere. I also like food of any description

Name: Larry

Breed: Border Collier

Loves: Food & walks

Colin Name: Colin

Date of Birth: 2010

Cooper Family: Cooper & Jack

Name: Cooper

Jack Name: Jack

Dan Name: Dan

Darcy Family: Darcy & Harvey

Name: Darcy

Date of Birth: DECEMBER 2009

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Harvey Name: Harvey

Date of Birth: NOVEMBER 2010

Star Sign: Scorpio

Eddie Name: Eddie

Former Racing Name: Skipping Nightmare Monsoon

Date of Birth: 17th October 2012

Star Sign: Libra

Eddy Name: Eddy

Former Racing Name: Eddy Monsoon

Date of Birth: 17th March 2011

Star Sign: Pisces

Ennis Name: Ennis

Former Racing Name: Ennis Bale

Date of Birth: February 2012

Star Sign: Aquarius

Floyd Name: Floyd

Gina Name: Gina

Former Racing Name: Ashdene Lass

Date of Birth: AUGUST 2014

Star Sign: Leo

Gus & Whiskey Family: Gus & Whiskey

Name: Gus (right)

Date of Birth: MARCH 2010

Star Sign: Pisces

Name: Whiskey (left)

Date of Birth: SEPTEMBER 2010

Star Sign: Virgo

Harry Name: Harry

Former Racing Name: Nullarbor Harry

Date of Birth: 14th JANUARY 2006

Star Sign: Capricorn

Loves: Bones, travelling by car and sleeping with my legs in the air.

Dislikes: Walking when it does not involve a drive in the car first.

Naughtiest Deed:

I love going for walks so much that every morning I spin round in circles, often jumping with joy in the air and on any humans in my vicinity making it especially hard for them to get the lead on. Then when I am walking I get tired early!

Harry Family: Harry & Spike

Name: Harry

Date of Birth: 10th OCTOBER 2011

Star Sign: Capricorn

Spike Name: Spike

Date of Birth: 7th JANUARY 2011

Star Sign: Capricorn

Hector Family: Hector

Name: Hector

Hugo Name: Hugo

Date of Birth: 18th August 2013

Star Sign: Leo

Jack & Oola Family: Jack & Oola

Name: Jack (right)

Name: Oola (left)

Jasper Name: Jasper

Jaynie Family: Jaynie & Shane

Name: Jaynie

Former Racing Name: Jayne Fozz

Date of Birth: 12th APRIL 2012

Star Sign: Aries

Shane Name: Shane

Former Racing Name: Cashed Up Bogan

Date of Birth: 2nd JANUARY 2005

Star Sign: Capricorn

Jazz Name: Jazz

Former Racing Name: Spray on Tan

Date of Birth: 4th May 2008

Star Sign: Taurus

Personality Traits: like a true Taurean I am patient, warm hearted and placid but I am also persistent, determined and inflexible at times.

Loves: I love sleeping on Miss Jessica's bed, going to watch the Miss Jess and the girls at ballet class and other than sleeping is zooming and spinning around the back yard and making my humans laugh.

Dislikes: I really don't like being left at home and will try all the tricks in the book to make my Mum feel sorry for me and stay at home. Sometimes she works from home just so she can be with me.

Naughtiest Deed: My naughtiest deed is to hide my Mum's clothes after she has put them out to get ready and hide them in different places around the house

Kasumi Name: Kasumi

Lexi Name: Lexi

Date of Birth: 18th August 2013

Star Sign: Leo

Lissy Names: Lissy

Racing Name: Malisse Bale

Loves: I like chewing really good shoes (only the best will do), pulling out Teddy's fluffy insides, and running - everywhere...... I can't think of anything I dislike - I just love everyone and everything! Wheeeeee.......

Lollie Name: Lollie

Date of Birth: 16th JUNE 2012

Star Sign: Gemini

Lucy Name: Lucy

Date of Birth: NOVEMBER 2012

Star Sign: Scorpio

Lucy Name: Lucy

Maisie Name: Maisie

Maisy Name: Maisy

Former Racing Name: Maisy Grey

Date of Birth: 5th March 2011

Star Sign: Pisces

Loves: Doing 'zoomies 'around the back yard, lying on the grass in the sun, squeaky toys and hoomans

Dislikes: not allowed to sleep upstairs with my mum and Porsha (cat), noisy kids, rain and flies (they scare me lol).
Manni Family: Manni & Myst

Name: Manni

Date of Birth: 8th MARCH 2013

Star Sign: Pisces

Myst Name: Myst

Date of Birth: 3rd FEBRUARY 2013

Star Sign: Aquarius

Martha Name: Martha

Date of Birth: AUGUST 2006

Star Sign: Leo

Messi Name: Messi

Millie Name: Millie

Milly Name: Milly

Date of Birth: 28th JULY 2005

Star Sign: Leo

Misty Blue Name: Misty Blue

Molly Name: Molly

Date of Birth: NOVEMBER 2007

Star Sign: Scorpio

Natalya Name: Natalya

Former Racing Name: Natalya Simonova Beauty

Date of Birth: 21st JULY 2014

Star Sign: Cancer

Pearl Tyger and Khaleesi Family: Pearle, Tyger & Khaleesi

Name: Pearle (White)

Date of Birth: 17th MAY 2011

Star Sign: Taurus

Name: Tyger (Brindle)

Date of Birth: 27th MAY 2013

Star Sign: Gemini

Name: Khaleesi (White/ silver)

Date of Birth: 18th FEB 2015

Star Sign: Aquarius

Peggy Name: Peggy

Date of Birth: JULY 2014

Star Sign: Cancer

Penny Name: Penny (aka Benita)

Former Racing Name: Benita Allen

Date of Birth: 13th OCTOBER 2009

Star Sign: Libra

Loves: I love cuddling up to my family in any way possible - standing up, laying down, on the bed.... I have a collection of toys that I play with. My favourite game is burying them in the garden. I tolerate other people but prefer to stick to my family.

Dislikes: Loud noises; the vet; other dogs barking; and not knowing where we are going in the car.

Penny Name: Penny

Date of Birth: JUNE 2015

Star Sign: Gemini

Quake Name: Quake

Date of Birth: MARCH 2006

Star Sign: Pisces

Quincy Family: Quincy & Willow

Name: Quincy

Date of Birth: 11th JANUARY 2011

Star Sign: Capricorn

Loves: Loves: FOOD of all kinds, going on walks, leaning on people when they are standing next to me, my special spot on the couch, standing in front of the TV when people are trying to change the channel, car rides, and most of all, PATS.

Dislikes: Baths (I collapse when in the bath!), the ocean, the vacuum cleaner and being alone.

Willow Name: Willow

Date of Birth: 18th JULY 2013

Star Sign: Cancer

Loves: Loves: Squeaky toys, food, stealing things and taking them into mum and dad's bedroom, going on walks, chasing Quincy around the backyard, sleeping on the bed (even though I'm not suppose to!), stretching, being cheeky and stealing all of the attention.

Dislikes: Being cold or wet, the vacuum cleaner, the car and not getting any attention.

Rocky Name: Rocky

Date of Birth: 20th JUNE 2008

Star Sign: Gemini

Roy Name: Roy

Former Racing Name: Kirabilli Roy

Date of Birth: 30th OCTOBER 2009

Star Sign: Scorpio

Ruby Name: Ruby

Sergio Name: Sergio

Read my blog: Click here to open my blog

Date of Birth: 19th DECEMBER 2006

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Loves: I like walks, eating bones, spinning crazily in the lounge room, car rides and sleeping upside down.

Dislikes: I Dislike hot days and cold days, sleeping in and big groups of people or dogs (although going to greyhound get togethers and dog school is helping with this!)

Naughtiest Deed: Was one Wednesday night when my parents came home from work to find one of their couch cushions torn apart and their lounge covered in feathers. To add to their clean up efforts, I kindly peed all over the feathers too.

Shadow Name: Shadow

Racing Name: Velocity Jewel

Date of Birth: 16th JUNE 2012

Star Sign: Gemini (inquisitive & intelligent)

Loves: Walks, food, treats, chasing a squeaky ball, cuddling 'pooh bear' pet pillow, putting my paws in water & sleeping.

Dislikes: Getting wet except putting my paws in water. Walking where I don't want to go. Noise when I am trying to sleep!

Sherlock Name: Sherlock

Racing Name: Buck and Wing

Date of Birth: 28th SEPTEMBER 2007

Star Sign: Libra

Loves: Car rides, cheese, squeaky toys, visitors and chasing ducks (sneaking on the bed, but sssshhh cause mum and dad can't find out)

Dislikes: Being outside

Solly Name: Solly

Former Racing Name: Surf Report

Date of Birth: 16th MARCH 2011

Star Sign: Pisces

Sophy Name: Sophy

Racing Name: Gnarly Azz

Date of Birth: OCTOBER 2010

Star Sign: Libra

Thelma Name: Thelma

Mr Wickham Name: Mr Wickham

Date of Birth: 18th August 2013

Star Sign: Leo

Willow Name: Willow

Date of Birth: 7th DECEMBER 2013

Star Sign: Sagittarius

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